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În memoria lui Aaron



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Please join me now for an Ask-Me-Anything conversation on Reddit, or read on for details about a special announcement.

Many of you might know me as a co-founder of Creative Commons, and as the founder of Rootstrikers.  But I was not the first among us #Rootstrikers.

It was Aaron Swartz who initially persuaded me that none of us were going to make progress on a wide range of issues — from Internet freedom to climate change — until we found a way to address the corruption of our government.

As I recounted in a lecture after Aaron’s death, that was in January 2007.

Six months later, I announced that I was putting my work on Free Culture aside, and taking up the challenge of building a movement to fight that corruption.  

For the first couple years, Aaron worked with me — first, as a founding board member of Change Congress, and then with Fix Congress First! But the urgency and opportunity of an Obama presidency led him away from a fight focused on corruption alone. That led to the birth of Demand Progress; Fix Congress First! then became Rootstrikers.

Today, I am incredibly honored and happy to let you know that these organizations have now joined leadership to become allies in our respective fights for a better, truer democracy.

Rootstrikers will be the campaign finance reform project of Demand Progress, continuing to the work to bring more people into the movement to end the corruption in our politics. Demand Progress will help support that work, as it continues its own.
This does not mean that you’re going to start receiving emails from both organizations (unless, of course, you choose to do so). But it does mean that our capacity is growing, and along with it, your impact as a member of our communities.
We’ll feed you with regular outrage (mixed with motivation) and we VERY rarely ask for money. (And soon, we’re deploying an option to allow you to opt out of fundraising requests completely).
I had always hoped that Aaron and I would conspire again to take on this corruption. Joining Demand Progress is as close to that dream as I will come, but it is a step in honor of his work, and his friendship.
-Lawrence Lessig
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