DistraACTA de Primăvară

Se pare că cei care hotărăsc soarta Internetului sunt lucrătorii din industria distracțieientertainment industry..

Să punem laolaltă evenimentele:

În 11 februarie au ieșit pe străzile României cam 6000 de protestatari anti-ACTA, alți câteva zeci de mii în toată Europa.

Pe culoarele Parlamentului European nu se mai vorbește decât despre ACTA. Președintele proaspăt ales al Parlamentului, Martin Schulz critică tratatul. După demisia lui Kader Arif un nou membru a fost desemnat în fruntea Comisiei ACTA în persoana lui David Martin. 27 de state membre au semnat tratatul dar câteva dintre ele au făcut un pas înapoi, promițnd cetăenilor consultări publice- Polonia, Cehia, Slovacia, Germania, Letonia.

Prima dezbatere pe ACTA va avea loc în 29 februarie în cadrul Comisiei de Comerț Internațional (INTA) și un workshop pe conținutul ACTA a fost programat pe 1 martie.

Alți europeni, care susțin că reprezintă interesele a mii de lucrători în industria distracției au trimis Parlamentului o scrisoare de susținere a tratatului,cu următorul text*:

„10 February 2012
Dear Minister,
Please support ACTA for the good of Europe
Over the past two weeks, we have seen coordinated attacks on democratic institutions such as the European Parliament and national governments over ACTA. The signatories to this letter and their members stand against such attempts to silence the democratic process. Instead, we call for a calm and reasoned assessment of the facts rather than the misinformation circulating. A considered reaction is more important than ever at a time when many outside of Europe doubt the ability of the European Union institutions and its Member State governments to act together.
The signatories of this letter represent thousands of European companies of all sizes and millions of workers in dozens of sectors crucial to the European economy, which are eager to get Europe out of the current economic crisis by promoting innovation and growth-enhancing measures. We are all dependent on intellectual property.
ACTA is good for Europe. Without changing EU law, it establishes common procedures for dealing with IPR infringements across countries accounting for 50% of world trade. The framework set up by ACTA will have a positive impact on protecting Europe s industries, jobs and people. ACTA will have no negative consequences as it does not depart from EU law – as confirmed by two opinions of the European Parliament s Legal Service as well as the European Commission. It is important to show that Europe is united and has trust in its institutions and government processes. That is why ACTA is supported by all the organisations and companies below, as well as 22 European Member States who joined the EU in the first step towards ratification.
We therefore urge you to focus on the facts and not the misinformation and to support ACTA. ACTA is an international cooperation project that will protect Europe s rights and people and will confirm the EU s global importance as a responsible trading partner. For Europe to have a successful knowledge economy and manufacturing base it must protect its workers, creators and the innovations of its manufacturers and industries abroad. The ACTA treaty sends an important message to third countries and to Europe s workforce that our rights must be protected in practice, and that Europe will not fall behind other countries in this regard. This is a crucial moment for Europe s governments and institutions in their effort to safeguard Europeâ??s jobs and economic future. Failure to do so will irrevocably affect Europees credibility as a trusted global trade partner.
We thank you for your support on this crucial issue:
ACG – Anti-Counterfeiting Group
Alliance Against IP Theft
ANDEMA  -Spanish Association for Defence of the Trademark
AIM  -European Brands Association
APM – Aktionskreis Deutsche Wirtschaftgegen Produkt â?? Und Markenpiraterie
AFP – Associacao Fonografica Portugesa
AGPP – Association of Greek Producers of Phonograms
BAMP – Bulgarian Association of Music Producers
BASCAP – Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy
BBB – Barsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels
BEA – Belgian Entertainment Association
BIEM – Mechanical Rights Societies
BPI – British Phonographic Industry
BREIN – Protection Rights Entertainment Industry Netherlands
BVA – British Video Association
BVMI – Bundesverband Musikindustrie
CIPR – Coalition for Intellectual Property Rights
EACA – European Association of Communications Agencies
ECTA – European Communities Trademark Association
EPC – European Publishers Council
EURATEX-European Apparel and Textile Confederation
EUROCINEMA – Association of Film and Television Producers
FAMA – Fachverband der Film- und Musikindustrie
FEP-FEE – Federation of European Publishers/Federation des editeurs europ??ens
FESI – Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry
FIAPF – Federation Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films
FIAD – International Federation of Film Distributors Associations
FIMI – Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana
GESAC – European Authors and Composers Societies
IFPI – Representing the Recording Industry Worldwide
INDICAM – Instituto di Centramarca per la lotta Contraffazione
INTA – International Trademark Association
IRMA – Irish Recorded Music Association
ISFE – Interactive Software Federation of Europe
IVF – International Video Federation
MAHASZ – Magyar Hanglemezkiadok Szovetsage
MARKENVERBAND – German Branded Businesses Association
NVPI – Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld
SACG – Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group
TIE – Toy Industries of Europe
TABD – Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue
TUOTOS – Finnish Audiovisual Producers
UNIFAB – Union des Fabricants
VKE – German Cosmetics Manufacturers
More organisations being added”

*draft piratat  😳