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Exercising State Sovereignty in Cyberspace: an international cyber-order under construction? in 8th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security, Denver Colorado, 25-26 March 2013by Andrew Liaropoulos (University of Piraeus)
The dangerous dreams of Slavoj Žižekby Jérôme E. Roos (European University Institute)Žižek’s misplaced tribute to Thatcher and his diatribe against direct democracy reveal the dangerous messianic tendencies of his “radical” philosophy.
‘Que No Nos Representan’: The Crisis of Representation and the Resonance of the Real Democracy Movement from the Indignados to Occupyby Jérôme E. Roos (European University Institute)
Computers Are Not Brainsby Nicole Kalstein (Colorado State University)
„Better Digital Citizens” – New Zealand Law Commission on Cyber Bullyingby Mark P. Williams
Max, C., Albanese C. (2012). Privacy Awareness on Facebook – Engagement on an International Privacy Policy. In Baltazart, D., Morelli, P., Pignard-Cheynel, N. (Eds). Proceedings of the EUTIC conference, Metz, pp. 1-20.by Claudia Albanese (University of Luxembourg)
[Polish translation] Markus Miessen, Niezależny praktyk [The Crossbench Practitioner]by Michał Choptiany (Jagiellonian University)
Dicionário de Internetêsby Vania V. Estrela (UFF – Universidade Federal Fluminense)
The Historical Purpose and Modernization of Canada’s Freedom of Information Actby Matthew Ponsford (University of Ottawa | Université d’Ottawa)
„La Révolution française et la démocratie radicale américaine”by John Clark (Loyola University New Orleans)